Search Terms – Round Two

Jun 13, 2008 by Jared Smith

Here’s some more recent search terms that are, well, interesting.

fired from radio shack

I’m trying to imagine what you can possibly do to get fired from Radio Shack. Certainly being rude, ignorant, or lazy won’t get you fired. I’ve personally seen that talking on the phone and texting instead of helping customers is quite the norm. Perhaps he/she didn’t ask a customer to provide a telephone number at checkout?

janitorial animated gif

Here’s one:
Cat in toilet

reasons why the right to bear arms should be banned

What part of “shall not be infringed” do you not understand? The Constitution does not grant or give us rights. God does. The constitution simply enumerates those rights. As such, those rights cannot be banned. You can take away one’s guns or make it illegal for one to bear arms, but you can’t take away a god-given right.

statistic more people shot you know than an intruder if you won a gun

Yes, guns are more likely to kill a family member than an intruder. This is partially because some gun owners are idiots. My car is more likely to kill a family member than it is to kill someone else – this doesn’t keep me from driving it.

stupid girls butt crack

Yes, it’s one of the things that annoy me – and as such, I don’t look for it on Google.

lazy eye

Here’s one:
Catherine 'lazy eyed' Jones

things that christians do in church to annoy me

I’m annoyed by people that continually take their children into the foyer to play, then wonder why their kids don’t sit still during church.

This is closely followed by people that are “grateful for the moisture we’ve received”. Nobody calls it “moisture” when they’re not praying. You never hear, “I looked up at the cloud and got some moisture in my eye” or “Let’s go have a moisture-ball fight” or “We must have gotten at least 6 inches of moisture today”. Besides, moisture means there’s just a little bit of it – in which case, you should be grateful we received more than just moisture.

princess aurora

Otherwise known as Sleeping Beauty. Yes, I have a four year old daughter.

using a whistle to annoy telemarketer

Clever idea. I prefer answering then immediately hanging up. Or telling them I’m dead.

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  2. I have never watched Lost and you have given me a two minute reason not to! Thanks for your service. WHAT?

    By Aunt Susan on Jul 14, 2008

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