About Us

Jared, Mary, Abigail, and Bryan Smith live in Northern Utah. I am originally from Rigby, Idaho. Mary is from Coalville, Utah. We met in a business class in college. I knew at first sight that she’d be my wife. I then spent 6 months convincing her of that fact. We were married August 20, 1998. We spent a few years living in the basement apartment below ‘the old man’ while going to college. After we both graduated, we moved into our new home in 2001. We are active in the LDS church and are both home-bodies, spending most of our time together at home or with immediate family.

Mary is a stay-at-home mom who teaches piano and cares for Abbie while dad is off playing and/or working. She enjoys sewing and crafting and playing with Abbie. She has a degree in marketing – something that comes in handy

Jared works at Utah State University for WebAIM where he does ‘computer stuff’. He enjoys astronomy and astrophotography, computer simulations, hunting and fishing, photography, and spending time at home.

Abbie was born September 19th, 2003 at 9:00 am. She was 8 pounds 1 ounce and 20 inches long. She’s a budding artist, musician, model, actress, professional trampoline jumper, dancer, acrobat, singer, and all around genius.

Shortly after Abbie was born, I put together a video of her first days on Earth.
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Mary and I come from amazing families and we spend a lot of time travelling to see grandmas and grandpas and the rest of the families. I created a few family vacation videos from a few of our family vacations. Windows Media Player is required. Enjoy!

2003 Alaska Cruise and Fishing Trip Video

2001 Towgotee Vacation Video – high quality – 20MB

2001 Towgotee Vacation Video – low quality – 7.7MB