Radio Shack – You’ve got Questions. We’ve got Problems.

Aug 12, 2006 by Jared Smith

So I’m walking through the mall today (something that happens VERY rarely, let me assure you) and I notice that the Radio Shack is closed.

Radio Shack goes lights out

Well it’s a Saturday afternoon, so my first thought was that Radio Shack has gone out of business. This is something that would not at all surprise me considering the fact that every one of my experiences at Radio Shack can be pretty much summed up as…

1. I look on the shelf and notice they are out of what I’m looking for.
2. I wait in line for about 15 minutes while the two employees try to sell a cell phone to some old grandma while simultaneously talking on the phone about one of two things – the difference between DVD+R and DVD-R and/or who they are going to ask to the Freshman Frolic dance that weekend.
3. I finally get frustrated and lean around grandma and ask the pimply faced customer service (I use that word loosely) adolescents if they have what I’m looking for in stock.
4. They get that look on their face that clearly says, “I have no idea what you’re talking about” then say, “Nope, why don’t you check online”.
5. I mutter something about waiting days for an online order would be faster than waiting for them to explain the finer intricacies of text messaging to grandma.
6. I go to WalMart where this process is repeated.

But I digress…

So I stop to see if Radio Shack has gone belly (EDIT: This word was changed to “belly” from another word describing part of the human anatomy. Apparently when you use that word in the same sentence as “Clay Aiken” it drives lots of perverts and psychos to your web site. Who knew?!?) up or if it was just closed so the employees could go to the Clay Aiken concert. Posted on the door is the following note:

Radio Shack - shocking closure notice

Maybe it’s just me, but isn’t that just too ironic?

  1. 2 Responses to “Radio Shack – You’ve got Questions. We’ve got Problems.”

  2. I thought you might like the good news out from Radio Shack. What a classy company that would lay off employees by e-mail. “The work force reduction notification is currently in progress. Unfortunately, your position is one that has been eliminated.”

    By Mark on Aug 31, 2006

  3. If I were to be fired from Radio Shack, I’d at least expect the pink slip to come delivered via RC car or maybe those cool, overpriced robot dogs.

    It’s pretty sad to get fired from Radio Shack to begin with (unless you’re Howie Long or Terri Hatcher), but to be fired via e-mail is pretty low.

    By Jared Smith on Aug 31, 2006

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