No Hablo Espanol?

Mar 22, 2006 by Jared Smith

So I’m at this conference in Southern California and my coworkers Jon and Shane and I decide to get Mexican food for dinner. So we drive around for a while and find a fast food place (even though I just ate there an hour ago, I can’t think of the name of it because of my head cold).

The guy at the counter is speaking very fast with a thick spanish accent, not that this is a bad thing at a Mexican restaurant. Shane and Jon order first and I can tell they’re having a tough time understanding him. When I order, he asks a bunch of questions that I don’t understand, so I just say, “sure” to each one. Later I realize that I got an extra fish taco, beans, and a large soda, so that ended up OK. But apparently the guy couldn’t understand us very well either, because these are the names that were printed on our receipts.

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