June 2010 Review

Jul 1, 2010 by Jared Smith

It’s been a while since I posted – still getting over the lost shrimp, I guess. So here’s a quick update on what’s been happening lately:

  • We went on a handcart trek. It was fun, exhausting, and uplifting. My 4 X great grandfather died at Martin’s Cove. Sad. It was in the middle of Wyoming – a very long drive. In 150 years, my ancestors will probably honor me by riding on a bus for 7 hours.
  • The Supreme Court ruled that white AND black men in Chicago can own guns and Senator Robert Byrd kicked the bucket on the same day. Coincidence?
  • I just got back from my 7th trip to Oklahoma. They really like all-you-can-eat buffets there.
  • Abbie and I have earned 220 of the 241 stars in Super Mario Galaxy 2. I haz mad Nintendo skillz.
  • I might go to India and Singapore later this year. Cool, except for the 52 hours it takes to get there and back part.
  • If you fly from Japan to Utah, you arrive an hour before you leave.
  • My travel agent forgot to pay for my Oklahoma plane ticket. I learned this at the airport. The lady at the ticket counter wanted $1420 to fly there that night. I replied, “I said Oklahoma, not Okinawa.” She didn’t find it funny. I stayed in West Valley City that night.
  • The La Quinta Inn in West Valley City reeks of marijuana smoke. At first this totally bugged me, but after a while I was cool with it.
  • A bunch of hoodlums made a mess of Toronto while protesting the G20 summit. Good thing us ‘right wing nut jobs’ don’t protest it or we’d have taken over Canada.
  • My sister found a spot between her toes. It was cancer. They cut it all out. I found a spot too. I got to wear sexy paper underwear at the doctor’s office. They cut the spot off. I find out soon if it’s cancer too. Stupid toes!
  • iPhone 4. I have one.
  • Mary spent a week at girls camp. I watched the kids. They really missed their mother even though we ate at McDonalds.
  • My son just said, “I want nunchuk skills.” We’ll work on him not peeing on the bathroom floor first.
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  2. so we want to see pictures of everything. the martins cove trip, girls camp, the mole, the gut from the all-you-can-eat buffets, the nunchuk skills, and maybe somebody would want to see a private blog post of the sexy paper underwear….not me but maybe somebody else.

    By Jill on Jul 2, 2010

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