Jill’s Softball Game

Apr 24, 2006 by Jared Smith

Abbie and I went to my sister Jill’s softball game today. It was nice to get off work a little early and spend so much time with Abbie. I don’t think she stopped talking for more than a minute during the entire 3 hours in the car. She spotted every truck, tractor, body of water, school bus, airplane, bird and dirt pile between home and Marsh Valley, Idaho.

On the way home, Abbie and I got into a big fight over whether “ducks” are “birdies”. Eventually I convinced her they were, though I believe she thinks that ducks that fly are a special type of super-powered duck called “duck birdies”. We had a great time and it was nice to see my mom and sisters for a little while.

Jill’s an awesome ball player and usually plays pitcher or catcher. Though her team lost both sides of the double header, she did awesome – at least for the 2.5 innings I watched. ;-)

Hey batter, batter!

Yeah, you’d better duck!

Nice catchers form! Though I’m not sure how you miss that strike zone.

In the last inning, Jill got a nice base hit…

…and eventually made it home.

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