I fought the law

Jul 11, 2009 by Jared Smith

I was featured in a story in our local paper today. The long background on the issue is below…

Me and my gun at city hallI don’t consider myself a gun nut, but I do own guns and value my rights to keep and bear them. When I got my concealed firearm permit 2 years ago, I was really confused about where I could and could not legally carry. I then found the online community at utahconcealedcarry. It was a great help to me and I continue to spend time there helping new and potential firearm permit holders learn safety, the law, and other aspects of owning and using firearms.

In January I heard reports that gun owners were being harassed and threatened by Logan, Utah police officers because “all guns are illegal in Logan.” I looked into it, and sure enough, Logan City laws clearly outlaw all firearms, including your kids water pistol. These are old laws that have not been updated since the state of Utah initiated a uniform firearms law in 2004. This law says that cities can’t make their own gun laws – the intention being that citizens should not have to worry about firearm laws when they travel from city to city; the State makes all firearms laws.

When I contacted the city about the issue, I was essentially told that it wasn’t an issue, that they weren’t enforcing the laws, and that they didn’t have intentions to bring the city into compliance with state law. After several months of waiting and even doing a 30 minute radio show on the issue (listen here – MP3 format), I finally contacted the State Attorney Generals office for clarification and help. They told the city to get their act together and remove these laws quickly. Then, when we still could not get a timeline from the city, a group of us addressed the Logan city council on the issue. We finally got some indication that the city would address these confusing and illegal laws in the coming month or so.

The local Herald Journal decided to run a story on the issue today. I think it’s a fair representation of the issues, though they misquoted me a bit and published a rather unflattering photo of me. No, I don’t usually walk around town with my gun showing, but doing so is totally legal in Utah and we thought it would be a good expression of the rights that Logan City laws seemingly make illegal.

It’s been interesting to be a part of this process and to have a small effect on the system. I fought the law and the law lost.

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  2. Nice job son! The article was good. But you do look a little like a dork in the picture. This is one of those cases where if you feel strongly about something you say something. I’m proud of you.

    By eva on Jul 11, 2009

  3. Way to go! I think you look an awful lot like dad in your picture..I’m going to tell him that you think he looks like a dork and mom agrees:). Your awesome..do I see a political career blossoming?

    By Trisha on Jul 11, 2009

  4. AWESOME! Chris and I are impressed!

    By Em on Jul 11, 2009

  5. I’m proud to know you! :) We need more people like you who will stick up for the right thing – even if it is time consuming.

    By Nicky on Jul 11, 2009

  6. This is awesome. I can’t believe that the City Police would even mention that City ordinance to someone who was legally carrying a gun. I say the more concealed guns out there makes my job easier. When I stop people and they have a Concealed carry Permit and don’t have a gun with them is when I harass them.” about not having one with them” If you have a permit or not, your an idiot to not have a gun with or near you all the time. I have seen countless situations that could have been resolved easier and faster if more citizens carried concealed. Good Job. Not to bad for a Utard. P.S. your picture makes it look like Logan has a pedophile problem not a city ordinance problem. Aaron

    By Aaron on Jul 12, 2009

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