Quick photo update

Mar 10, 2008 by Jared Smith

It’s been a while since we posted any photos, so here’s a few of the kids. They are both growing like crazy. Bryan is almost walking and is very active. We thought Abbie was hyper, but she was like a log on Prozac compared to Bryan. Just check the following video for proof.

I’m not sure what I’m most afraid of – the likelihood that he has a hyperactivity disorder or that he may be the offspring of monkeys.

Lookin’ spiffy

Despite the fact there’s 3.5 years between them, their heads are roughly the same size.

I can’t put my arms down!

Just kickin’ it

  1. 3 Responses to “Quick photo update”

  2. I’m so glad you finally posted some new shots. Bryan is the cutest little rolly polly jumping bean I’ve ever seen. And Abbie the prettiest princess of all. Great Nascar pictures I’m so glad you all let you dad drag you along.

    By Grandma Smith on Mar 11, 2008

  3. I love the video. He is really active. Charlie is such a calm kid, bryan is very active in comparison. I miss you guys sooo much!

    By katie on Mar 11, 2008

  4. When the video started I was waiting for a priest to splash him with holy water while saying, “The power of Christ compels you.” Glad you guys had fun at NASCAR, you’ll have to let me know what exactly happened with Steve.

    By Mark on Mar 11, 2008

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