Our Little Talker

May 10, 2006 by Jared Smith

OK, so everybody claims to have the cutest kid in the world. Well, I can prove it. Abbie tends to be pretty shy around others, but when she’s with just us, she never stops talking. The other day in the car she talking about EVERYTHING that happened at Kristin’s wedding…
…from the snails she saw on the wall at the temple to all of the wonderful treats at the wedding reception and open house. In order to prove that she actually does talk, we grabbed a short video of it.

Sorry for the poor quality – it was captured with a point and shoot camera. And because I really wonder if anybody in the world other than us can understand what she’s saying, I added subtitles for most of it.
If the video doesn’t show above, download the Flash player (be sure to NOT install the Yahoo! Toolbar if prompted).

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