Jun 22, 2006 by Jared Smith

I got to spend 5 days in London while at a conference last week. Here’s a few photos I took during the little bit of time I had to play tourist.

London, Big Ben, and the River Thames
From the River Thames toward the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

Big Ben
Big Ben

The London Eye
The London Eye

Great Smith Street
Great Smith Street. Hmmm… Free Library and Baths or a big Church? Tough decision!

London Bridge
London Bridge with the Tower of London on the right

Flyover for the Queens B-day
I was there for the Queen’s birthday and happened to be standing on London Bridge with one of the greatest vantage points in the city when they did a big cannon salute and military flyover.

Guard at Buckingham Palace
Guard at Buckingham Palace. And I though MY job was boring!

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  2. i really *hate* to be a Londo-pedant, (and when we get onto the subject of our bridges, our pedantry is nearly unlimited) but that’s Tower Bridge, not London Bridge. London Bridge is the dull, featureless concrete one along the river. Looks like you had good weather for the trip though.

    London Bridge

    Tower Bridge

    By andy on Nov 3, 2006

  3. Thanks for the clarification. There are certainly interesting backgrounds on both bridges.

    By Jared Smith on Nov 5, 2006

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