Lightning Show

Aug 15, 2006 by Jared Smith

I’m a big fan of lightning storms at night. At the first hint of thunder, I usually shoot out of bed and start peering out windows to see where it’s coming from. Well last night was a doozy! Except for in Iowa, this is the most lightning I’ve ever seen. There were probably 1000 visible ground strikes within 45 minutes. While lightning was striking in all directions, I watched the main core of the storm travel across the valley, pass right overhead dumping about .5 inches of rain in a matter of minutes, and then slowly disappear into the mountains to the north.

Lightning storm

Lightning storm

There are many more photos in my Lightning Gallery.

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  2. I would love to talk to you about maybe you wouldn’t mind if I put some of your pics on my web site.. I’m an Indian girl writing poetry to the Wakinyan (Lightning Ones) and I’m looking for pictures that fit the description of the many faces of Wakinyan, the Lightning Ones.. Here is part of a poem I am writing..

    It was always about surrender

    Oh how do I make the jump from here to there?
    To land with footsteps fair
    Upon the place
    Where my spirit danced to walk in moccasin’d feet
    Where I found no one to treat me weird
    Because I hugged a tree or held Earth sacred to me,
    Or because I watched the signs
    One Eagle going in
    Two Eagles going out
    after I had spent a whole weekend
    Dancing in the shadows
    Moving from tree to tree
    Blowing them kisses
    Touching my nose to their leaves
    Til the message came in
    That Great Spirit had a gift he wanted to give me
    That required the surrender
    Of everything I knew felt and believed
    About how exactly it was going to happen
    That love would touch my heart

    Dancing on waves of anticipation
    I set out upon my journey
    And noting 2 Eagles going out
    I surrendered
    To the path of being led
    And listened carefully
    To everything Great Spirit said
    Inside my head
    While I was given very specific
    instructions on what to do next..

    I surrendered
    To no longer walk the path
    As I thought I was supposed to walk it
    But listening to the voice within
    I laid aside everything
    I knew as the way to proceed from here
    And surrendered my all
    To the path I was given to take.

    It was a picture,
    Just a picture
    Of a cloud so fair
    With dancing lights within her belly
    And one lone lightning bolt coming down
    To kiss the Earth with such a fury
    The vehicle which it struck
    A truck
    Became all engulfed in light

    It was just a picture
    Dancing lights within her belly
    As I sat staring at
    I hear a simple command,
    “Blow her a kiss”

    Two fingers upon my lips,
    To lay them softly
    Upon the picture
    I sat staring at
    While listening to the inner instructions
    My all
    I hear again,
    “Blow her a kiss”

    So soft upon my lips
    I make the kiss
    And touch her softly there
    Upon her belly
    Of dancing lights
    While one lone lightning bolt
    Reaches down and
    Touches the ground
    With such a force
    I can almost hear its
    Thunder Song

    And again
    I hear the sound
    of Great Spirit speaking within
    Instructing me for 3rd time
    To kiss the cloud


    My name is Maureen, SacredDeerSister. Maybe you wouldn’t mind if I put some of your pictures to my poetry?

    I have another one, called it Cowboy Wakinyan.. here it is


    Footsteps so far apart

    I am awakened

    To hear you

    In your great walk

    across the Earth.

    One loud thundering


    Comes crashing down

    outside my window

    So loud and near

    I jump up from my sleep

    and wait to see

    If you knocked out the


    to find how gracefully

    you moved,

    to step so close

    in sacred gate

    your crashing sound

    all around,

    one footstep

    in the night

    and then begins

    your song.

    Traveling in slow

    crackling movements

    Across the sky,

    I am mesmerized

    By your dance,

    by the feel

    Of goddess,

    your lines stretch out

    in twist and turns

    while my fingers trace the

    Patterns of


    upon body of Sacred Earth

    And without even picking up my finger

    The second chorus of the dance begins

    And again I find I trace the lines

    Of sacred dance between us

    The way you move across the land

    While I think, where will your next footstep land

    As the whole movement of the song

    Tarries on

    I wait in anticipation

    To see where you have gone

    And find footsteps

    So far apart

    I can only hear the one

    And thus begins the third

    Verse in side the song

    That seems to now be circling around me

    For forty five minutes

    I watched your song

    Inside my mind

    Tracing all the lines

    That came from that one footstep.

    Movements circling around

    In a never ending song

    I came to realize

    I am staring

    Into the design

    of all the intricate

    lines that make up

    the uniqueness

    of your cowboy boots

    You are

    Cowboy Wakinyan

    It’s so lovely

    meeting you..

    mdeering 052608

    I would love to have pictures to go with my Earth Songs….. I just put them in web page, which I am working on..

    thanks, for responding,
    love your pictures

    By Maureen Deering on Jun 5, 2008

  3. Hi Jarod, Here is another one on my love poems that I placed your picture with.. thanks again, Sacred Deer Sister

    Last night when I was getting off work, I caught a glimpse of them was off to the west… It was like one of those deals where it just looked like they were purposely waving and saying hello…. so I curtseyed and bowed, giggled like a school girl as I said, “Hey” and got in my car and drove home from work..

    all the time noticing that in their giggling laughter, from time to time I could see them lighting up… It was fun..

    It took them 1 and 1/2 hours to arrive here, blew in with such a fury (way up high) that things, gum tree balls began to fall at such a rate I thought it was hailing… and limbs started crashing down on my roof also…. quite an announcement they made as they arrived….. and then they danced all around me…. It was quite spectacular as I realized again it was the tribal dances who had arrive and ware passing by…..

    so funny… so silent were they.. in all their noise… in all their dance..

    By Maureen Deering on Jun 12, 2009

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