Kristin’s Wedding

May 10, 2006 by Jared Smith

My sister-in-law Kristin got married last Friday. Her and Walker look so good together and were so happy. It was nice (believe it or not) to spend time with the family. I snagged the following photos throughout the festivities.

Walker and Kristin Maxfield

Lot’s of folks asked about the crazy cake. And yes, it’s supposed to be tilted like that.

Abbie’s cousin Jake either hugging or body slamming her

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  2. Was searching for a funky, tilted cake to use as a model to make a birthday bulletin board for my first grade classroom. This cake is perfect and I hope the bride, groom and flower girl won’t mind if it ends up getting duplicated out of construction paper, paint and ribbon with a bunch of little names attached! I’ll try to borrow a camera and send photos when finished. With such a light-hearted approach in a wedding cake, this couple should have a fairy tale life together; and the odds are in their favor. Best wishes.

    By Star on Sep 14, 2010

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