Flight Sim Glory

May 3, 2006 by Jared Smith

My name is Jared and I’m a flight sim junkie. I’ve been playing around with flight sims forever – since Microsoft FS 3 was released in 1988. I’ve done everything from making silly videos and writing stories to writing an operations manual for a very complex 747. It’s been a fun and educational hobby.

So the other day I’m at a military conference and Boeing has one of their military flight simulators there.

I told them I was a flight sim junkie, so they loaded up a carrier landing in an F-18. Well, I’ve landed on the carrier 100’s of times in Janes F/A-18, so I felt pretty comfortable with that.

The guys working the sim had their jaws on the floor as I came in right on the line and just missed the 4 wire and boltered on my first attempt. They said that they’d never seen anybody, including some pilots, do so well their first time. I flew the circuit and nailed the 2 wire the next time around to the cheers of a small crowd that had formed. It was pretty fun to see how amazed they were – they said it was the best circuit and landing they’d seen by someone who’d never either done it in real life or in their sim MANY times.

Though I’ll probably never be a pilot, I did get my brief moment of glory in the cockpit.

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  2. Hi, Jared,

    Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed (and NEEDED) your 747 manual. Man, it puts PMDG’S to shame. They could take a few lessons from you. And being a retired school teacher, I KNOW how to read.

    Anyway, nice pics of the family. How about something for tht 737? By the way, do you mind telling me about how much you paid for the Celestron? Did you use the Nikon for the pics? They were fabulous–pro quality.

    Joe in Athens, OH

    By Joe Walburn on Oct 5, 2007

  3. Hello Jared just wanted to say thanks for the cool Flight Sim Tools you provide they have made my transition to FSX a lot more pleasurable. Very Cool Apps.

    By Londa Jacobs on Jan 20, 2008

  4. Hey , A BIG thanks for 747 manual . Can you do the same for PMDG 737 . even i am a enthu flight simmer . but still not that experienced to fly 747. i am still fiddling with 737 and trying to understand the internal working through AOA vids.
    a complete flight manual will be Great. Thnx alot

    By Ishan Majmudar on Jun 11, 2013

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