Airshow pics

Jun 10, 2006 by Jared Smith

We went to an airshow today. Besides getting sunburned, we all had a great time. We’re exhausted.

The Thunderbirds performed and put on a great show as usual (except for the occasional crashin-cockpit view). Abbie screamed her head off after the sneak pass when one of the F-16’s sneaks in from behind and flies over the audience at close to the speed of sound. It was awesome!

Hey, you ever see the opening scene in Top Gun? I think the inverted pilot is ‘communicating’.

I’m sorry, but anybody that jumps out of an airplane ON PURPOSE has got a screw loose. One guy that jumped had 5,000 career jumps. Can you say, “death wish”?

Here’s an interesting 4 ship formation. Can you identify the planes?

This is the F/A-22 Raptor fighter. At over $100 million each, this thing packs more technology and goodies than any other fighter out there. It was pulling was wicked sweet maneuvers, including a backflip (seriously!).

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