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Fun with explosives

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

Last week was the annual Smith family reunion, which typically means my brothers, brothers-in-law, and I get together and shoot things. We decided to spice things up this year with some Tannerite - a fully legal explosive that makes a 'small' explosion when you shoot it. Loads of fun ensued. Enjoy ...

Venus Occultation

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Winter must be over, because I got my first astrophotography session of the season. Early this morning, Venus passed behind the moon. The animation below shows 10 minutes of movement until Venus and the crescent moon 'touch' (called an "occultation" in geek-speak). Many more photos in my astrophotography gallery.

First Radio Signal Detected From Beyond Our Solar System

Monday, August 11th, 2008

The internets has it's collective panties in a bunch this morning after an article titled "First Radio Signal Detected From Beyond Our Solar System" was published by some geeks in South Africa. Many are heralding this as proof of alien life. The article (they are technically capable of receiving signals ...