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Astrophotography - Galaxies

M101- The Pinwheel Galaxy - 6/24/2006 - more details

M51- The Whirlpool Galaxy - 1/20/2006 - more details

M51 shows a beautiful spiral galaxy interacting with a smaller galaxy. This is my first image using autoguiding.

M33 - 10/1/2005 - more details

M33, a face-on spiral galaxy, along with M31 (below) and a few other galaxies form our galactic neighborhood. M33 is 3 million light years away.

M31, M32, & M110 - 9/12/2005 - more details

M31, the Andromeda galaxy, with its companion galaxies M32 (fuzzy to the right of M31) and M110 (hazy area to the far left). This is my second DSO image and will be redone with more exposure time.