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Astrophotography - Star Clusters

M52 -10/13/2005 - more details

Click for full size version

M52 (to the left of the image above) is a beautiful open cluster found in a dense star field of the Milky Way band in the constellation Cassiopeia. Also visible in the image is the Bubble Nebula (NGC 7635).

M34 -10/13/2005 - more details

M34 is a relatively plain open cluster in the constellation Perseus. About 100 stars make up this large cluster. M34 is visible to the naked eye on clear nights as a faint nebulous patch. M34 is most remarkable for the several sets of visual double stars.

M2 - 10/1/2005 - more details

M2 is a very dense and somewhat egg shaped globular cluster. 5X90 seconds.

Double Cluster (NGC 869 & NGC 884) - 9/14/2005

Click for a full size version. The double cluster is a group of two young open star clusters about 13 million years old that are moving through space together. At a distance of 7650 light years, they are just barely visible to the naked eye to the east of the "W" of Cassiopeia.

10X30 second exposures on a moon light night with moderate seeing and transparency.

M13 - 9/12/2005 - more details

This is my first real DSO image done at prime focus. I'm happy with it for a first try, but know there is much to learn. The color is quite blue, probably due to the D70, but I kinda like it.